The Stillness learning environment is holistic, experiential and fun! Students are exposed to a variety of classes designed to enhance their well-being through a better understanding of themselves and each other. Through study and training, they develop improved social skills, confidence, discipline, and physical freedom.  They gain the ability to stand their ground emotionally, and physically if need be. They learn to identify, plan for, and achieve personal success across multiple facets of life. Working on service projects provides opportunities to contribute to the local community and access to the personal growth that comes with doing so. These lessons grow out of the core Stillness Koncepts of Mind, Movement, Defense, Konsumption, Ecology, and Service.



A well-developed mind is a powerful tool.  Smaller classes ensure individual attention while students work together to develop discipline, focus, compassion, and grit.



The output of a system depends on the quality of its input. Konsumption is where students learn to understand and regulate what they take in from and put out into the world.



We receive only one body, and it doesn't come with instructions. Stillness students learn to properly move and care for their bodies to develop fitness for life.



Ecology is about learning to live in harmony with ourselves and the world.  Through indoor and outdoor studies, students learn to make a positive impact.



Confidence and awareness are the best defense, but there are times where skills make the difference. The benefits of martial arts are numerous, and could save a life. 



Community Service gives students a chance to contribute to the greater good by taking lessons learned out of the academy and into the world.