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Hypergravity Express

Science-based training for whole-health results, in only 30 minutes.


Real training. Real fast.

Through a combination of

Whole Body Vibration, Variable Resistance Training, and more

Hypergravity Express Sessions

get results in less time.

The Training

Being short on time doesn't have to mean giving up on your goals.

With our unique combination of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) and Variable-Resistance Training (VRT), we'll craft quick sessions suited to your needs and level of fitness, to improve your health on multiple levels: 


Who Uses WBV?


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Stillness Academy?
    Think of us as a Holistic School for Things That Aren't Taught in School. For example, traditional education teaches students what the different parts of the body are called; we teach students how to strengthen, heal, and protect their bodies. Traditional schools offer Social Studies courses like History, Geography, and Civics; we teach students social skills like developing healthy relationhips, ethical living, and service. You can learn more about our studies by visiting our Academics page.
  • My _______ hurts, and my friend recommended you. Is this the right place?"
    Yes! In addition to group classes, we also provide private instruction and training to individuals looking to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being! You can learn more by visiting out Private Training page, or Contact Us to get started!
  • What education options do you offer?
    We offer private instruction/training, group classes for adults and children, seminars, and professional certification for trainers/coaches/instructors. Learn more below: - Get Private Instruction - Youth Education - Adult Education - Book a Seminar - Get Certified
  • What ages do you work with?
    For private training, we work with humans of ALL ages. For group class enrollment, we accept students beginning at age 7.
  • How to get started?
    Our enrollment process for New Students is simple: 1. Submit an Application (or Contact Us if you have questions). 2. We'll contact you to discuss your application and education options. 3. Begin screening/onboarding classes. 4. After screening/onboarding, we will notify you regarding applicaton status. 5. Upon application approval, submit tuition and move into regular classes.
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