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Renew and Rebalance with Sound, Light, Weight, and Pressure


Drift Away

You deserve to feel good. 

Our unique combination of therapies provide you with a restorative break from the grind. 

The Experience

Bodymind Reset (BMR) is a semi-custom session where we combine different healing modalities to help you relax and recover.

Before your session, we'll gather information to help us tailor the experience to your needs.

Once you arrive, we'll generally begin with gentle Whole Body Vibration using one or more of our WBV platforms.

From there, we move to the Sanctuary, 

where our special decompression bed awaits.

You'll lay on a comfortable mattress on a slight decline, to improve circulation and decompress the spine, while the angled bed twists and massages you from underneath.

During this part of the session, light and sound therapy 

gently nudges brain and body into a more relaxed state. 

BMR fans report decreased pain, improved mobility, stress relief, 

and most often, a desire to stay in the Sanctuary even longer!

Come and experience it for yourself, 

or give the gift of wellness to someone you love!

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