Facing COVID-19: Together

As the coronavirus pandemic changed the course of life in 2020, our school has adapted to meet the challenge.

Our modest student body and class sizes provide enhanced flexibility as the government manages virus-related restrictions.

A holistic view of environmental health has always informed our approach, and we have long been proud of the cleanliness of our campus. During this time of increased concern, we have taken additional measures to increase safety without exposing our students to toxic chemicals:

  • The use of non-toxic, biodegradable disinfecting agents

  • Upgraded tools for surface cleaning, including steam sanitization

  • Ozone (O3) gas sterilization

In March of 2020, we transitioned to fully-online learning, and later moved into a blend of digital and in-person classes.

In July, we closed temporarily to make further upgrades to our facility, and create an even better learning environment for students to return to.

We are now excited to resume normal operations and are ready to offer our safest, most complete education yet!

To learn more about our COVID response, or to address questions surrounding your coronavirus concerns, contact us at info@stillness.academy or 843-575-0961 today.