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Biomech Bootcamp

Unlock your potential in Combat Sport

June 30 - July 2, 2023

Join us for a hands-on weekend camp that will transform your movement and enhance your martial arts skills!


You can learn new "techniques" at ANY seminar or camp. 

If all you want is new moves, you can get techniques on Youtube for FREE!

That's not why this camp is so special.

During this exclusive event, four expert instructors will guide a small group

(no more than 16) through a highly interactive curriculum that will not only teach you effective wrestling, striking, and submission grappling techniques, but you'll also learn:

  • How to maximize your skills through effective movement training

  • Biomechanics principles that will improve your technique and power

  • How to prevent chronic pain and injuries while training.

Over the course of three days, you'll have access to a variety of classes designed to revolutionize your understanding of your body and movement, to enhance both your game and your health. From striking, to yoga, wrestling, biomechanics, weight training, submission grappling, breathwork, and more, this is the Super Camp you've been waiting for, conveniently located in beautiful Beaufort, SC.

Whether you want a mix of hard work and Lowcountry vacation time, or want to immerse yourself entirely in a world-class training experience, this camp is for you!


Tuition: $650


You can reserve your spot with a $100 deposit at checkout

(balance due by June 15)

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Meet Your Instructors

Tentative Schedule



  • 8:30  Arrival, Meet and Greet at Stillness Academy

  • 9:00  Intro to Camp and Movement

  • 10:00  Break

  • 10:15  Sessions with Mitch / Ryan

  • 1130  Cooldown


  • 12:00  Lunch

  • 2:00  Group Class

  • 2:30  Sessions with Caleb / Cesar

  • 3:45  Break

  • 4:00  Q+A / Open Mat

  • 5:00  Cooldown

  • 7:00  Optional Dinner at Agave Grill



  • 8:30  Morning Movement

  • 9:30  Group Class

  • 10:00  Break

  • 10:15   Sessions with Ryan / Mitch

  • 11:30   Cooldown


  • 12:00  Lunch

  • 2:00  Group Class

  • 2:30   Sessions with Cesar / Caleb

  • 3:45  Break

  • 4:00  Q+A / Open Mat

  • 5:00  Cooldown

  • 7:00  Optional Dinner at Fat Patties


  • 8:30AM  Morning Movement

  • 9:30  Q+A

  • 10:00 Full Session

  • 11:15 Open Mat

  • 12:30 Cooldown

  • 1:00 Farewell and Departure

Things to do in Beaufort


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