About Stillness


Our mission at Stillness Academy is to nurture the holistic development of our students through social, emotional, psychological, and physical education. We strive to impart a deep and ethical understanding of their responsibility to the world, and empower students to live through love, confidence, patience, and strength.

We use progressive training methods to provide instruction and training to children, teens, adults, and seniors at our facility in Beaufort, SC and through online media.  

Learning at Stillness is a unique experience:

  • Rigorous, health-first physical training

  • Small class sizes for individualized instruction within group lessons

  • Emphasis on discipline, compassion, and confidence through martial arts,  teamwork, and community service

  • Family-family environment that encourages interactive learning between students of all ages

  • Special  events, certification courses, trips, and growth through competition

Our lessons encompass a variety of methods from diverse fields of study, to help our students define and achieve success in their own lives.