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Group Education for Teens


Confident. Capable. Connected.

Through physical fitness, holistic health education, and Martial Arts, the Rook program imbues teens with strength, discipline, and leadership skills to succeed in life. 

The Training

The Rook learning environment is holistic, challenging, and fun!

Teenagers thrive in a positive environment that challenges and empowers them. 

Through study and training, they learn about health, self-care, and leadership, to develop improved social skills, discipline, and strength. 

Through our Academy Rules and Core Values, they learn courtesy, and through martial training, gain a life-saving skillset that builds unshakable confidence.

The Academy Grading System provides opportunities to identify, plan for, and achieve personal success, as students prepare for and test across 7 levels of achievement.


 Working on service projects provides opportunities to contribute to the local community and access to the personal growth that comes with doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

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