The use of the letter K at the beginning of some Stillness terms (Koncepts, Konsumption) can be disorienting for those not familiar with our work. Our use of K is a nod to the distinction between the words Cosmos and Kosmos.

Today, most people understand "Cosmos" to be related to the universe as a physical dimension: matter, viewed through scientific materialism. "Kosmos" is a Pythagorean term, related to the universe in all its dimensions: the physical cosmos, the biosphere of life, the noosphere of the mind, every-thing that is a part of What Is.

In a similar way, we use K to distinguish Stillness-specific terms. Our Koncepts are simply holistic concepts that mean more than their standard spellings would typically suggest.

For example, consumption relates to the use of a resource, but we use Konsumption to discuss consumption (of resources and media), production (of works and interactions), and elimination (of material and bodily waste).  

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